NES Review – Batman


Nananananananana BATMAN! This platform game is based off of the Tim Burton Batman movie of the 90’s. The game takes you through a number of different stages in Gotham, ranging from the streets, sewers, and eventually up to the clocktower to face off against the Joker.

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Gameplay is really tight and responsive in this game, and Batman has some pretty awesome jumping abilities that make you feel much more free compared to many other platform games of the day. Jumping from wall to wall climbing up the clock tower is a pretty amazing feeling.

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Batman also has a number of tools at his dispose including his batarang, among other, which he has access too right off the “bat” – no pun intended! As he disposes of enemies, he gains access to ammo for his weapons, and hearts which can be used to fill his health bar – and he is going to need it too to defeat the bosses that wait for him at the end of every level.

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This game is short but sweet. I got to the last level in about a hour, but still have not been able to beat the Joker. Graphics are also fantastic for a NES era game, and it also has some funny cut scenes from the movie! The music of the game also sets a nice brooding mood. I was however slightly disappointed that there was no sense of character progression. You start fully loaded with all your weapons – it would have been cool to pick up a few abilities along the way.

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Nevertheless, overall this game is a great action platform game for the Nintendo. I highly recommend it for those who like platform games and love a good challenge. Final score 8/10.


One thought on “NES Review – Batman

  1. amazing music and tight precise controls! game was just too hard for the average fan though. this game should have been for the casual gamer as it’s a mainstream movie, not a hardcore title.


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