NES Review – Guerilla War


This game brings back some memories. It was the first game that I ever beat with my twin brother – ever! This is a top-down cooperative shootem’up game that takes place on an island (ahem…Cuba…ahem). Originally an arcade game, it was ported to the Nintendo 1989. I never played the original arcade game, but this game is a blast!

Final Fantasy 1 GBA Screen Shot 2016-08-26, 8.11 AM 4

Simple yet fun in design – you run and gun (or throw grenades) with your partner through numerous levels of jungle, sewers, and army bases, releasing innocent towns people from the evil clutches of the enemies. You can pickup numerous power ups and even a tank. These will come in handy facing off against each of the levels fun bosses. Watch out for those pigs though – if they touch you they will drag you around and make you an easy target for your enemies!

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There are quite a few levels in the game, each having a distinct look. There was also tons of variety in the environments which really helped make the game fun because it is slightly monotonous (run-gun-repeat).  Graphically, this game looks great with bright colours and nice changes of scenery. The characters are small but the main characters are easy to see with their coloured shirts. The sound does its job and is not intrusive but does not really stand out. The map below outlines the path you take to release the island from the evil clutches of the enemy.

Final Fantasy 1 GBA Screen Shot 2016-08-26, 8.18 AM

This game is frantic and you will die a lot – but thanks to infinite continues, making it through the game is fun and very possible (no wonder I was able to beat it when I was 6 year old). The lack of consequence for death did take some of the thrill out of the game though. Its pretty short too and can be beaten in around and hour (two at most depending on how challenged you are playing video games).

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Overall this game is a simple, but fun cooperative shootem’up that gets the job done! I would consider it a bit of a hidden gem on the system as not many people know about it and can usually pick it up for under 10 dollars! I give this game a final score of 7/10, reducing the score a bit because of its lack of consequence for death (which makes it less of a thrill). Definitely recommended for shootem’up fans!


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