SNES Review – Hagane

Hagane: The Final Conflict is one of the rarest games that I own. It’s rare because it never had a commercial release and was primarily a Blockbuster Rental Exclusive. While I never rented it, I did play it years ago on an emulator. But it wasn’t until the end of my medical school training that I decided to treat myself and finally pick up this gem. It was worth the price of admission; this game has it all – robots, ninjas, awesome gameplay, and is one of the most challenging games I have played.

In terms of story – its a bit convoluted but doesn’t really detract from the game. You take on the role of Hagane – a ninja who’s job it is to protect the Holly Grail! As expected – the Grail is stolen and everyone including you are killed by a rivalling ninja clan. You brain somehow survives and is placed in a robot ninja frame so that you can continue your task of protecting the Holly Grail – which has the power to destroy the world!





Final Score: 8/10

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