SNES Review – Super Castlevania IV

I remember in the early 90s, I picked up a video game magazine, and on the front of it was an advertisement for Super Castlevania IV! The article was so hyped for the game, calling the graphics “hyper-realistic” and that you would “sometimes just want to pause to look at the scenery.” While the game certainly does not look hyper-realistic by todays standards, it does offer one of the Super Nintendo’s best action platforming games!

The story is the






Final Score: 8/10

2 thoughts on “SNES Review – Super Castlevania IV

    1. Awesome graphics, an incredible soundtrack, close to perfect controls with the possibility to whip in every direction, inventive and diverse level design, the classic Castlevania atmosphere, a great challenge… seriously, what’s not to love about the game? My second favorite Castlevania of all time and one of the best SNES titles.


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